Fluke Brewing emerged out of a group of friends with a passion for brewing quality craft beer. We first started off back in 2007 by brewing malt extract with specialty grain kits from our local brew store, Midwest Supplies. We continued brewing specialty grain extract batches throughout college until we perfected our basic brewing skills.  It was not until June 2011, Fluke Brewing purchased an All Grains brewing kit in hope of producing even better, more complex, and creative beer.  The purchase of the All Grain equipment further transformed homebrewing into a greater addiction for the Fluke Brew Crew.  Homebrewing to us is a constant experiment in efforts to produce the most perfect beer.

Fluke Brewing entered into it's first beer competition in February 2012, The Great Northern Brew-Ha-Ha in Duluth, MN.  Although no prizes were won, they gained valuable feedback and experience from the BJCP event that helped Fluke Brewing take their beers to the next level.  The competition aided in perfecting brewing techniques, further recipe development, and was a great way to get unbiased feedback.

Fluke Brewing is currently working on recipes for 3 flagship house beers.  In the works we have a hoppy American Pale Ale, a American Brown Ale brewed with honey, and an India Pale Ale.  In addition to the house beers, Fluke Brewing has a new seasonal lineup in construction to celebrate the year's solstices and equinoxes.

House Beers:
American Pale Ale
American Brown Ale
India Pale Ale

Spring Seasonals:
Scottish Ale 

Summer Seasonals:

Fall Seasonals:
Marzen (Oktoberfest) 
Harvest Ale 

Winter Seasonals: