Monday, March 19, 2012

Keezer Collar Build!

This weekend I started and finished my keezer collar build!  The hardest part was waiting for everything (paint, glue, liquid nails, etc) to dry.  Enough words more pics:

Sneak peak

Sanding Poplar 
Miter joint

Paint close up

When at Lowe's picking up supplies for the build, I saw the HAMMERED white spray paint and determined it was way to fitting not to purchase it.  I had to go with Hammered white since you will be hammered once the beers starts flowing!

Stainless Steel Shank Flanges

Perlick Perl 525 Faucets
4 in Stainless Steel Shanks

Tap mock up
Faucet close up

Exploded overivew
Test fit

Install insulation
Weather stripping close up


Gas line 

CO2 Distributor close up

Mounting CO2 distributor

Gas Distribution
Side overview

Keezer overview
Faucet close up

Final product

A list of most of the materials I used for this keezer collar build can be found at by click the link below:



"Dear, I hear that beer flows through the faucets all night long!!!" 
-Bruce Springsteen