Friday, August 31, 2012

Brew Kettle Upgrades!

It has been over a year since we had made the jump to all grain brewing! It is now time to make a couple brew kettle upgrades.  We will be adding a thermometer, a bulkhead with ball valve, and a sight gauge.  These upgrades will make it easier to for taking temperature and volume measurements throughout the brew day.

Stainless Steel Bulkhead and Ball Valve

Boil Kettle Thermometer
Thermometer Side View
Thermometer Angle
Bulkhead for Boil Kettle Thermometer
Drilling hole for Ball Valve
Ball Valve Installed
Thermometer Bulkhead Installed
Thermometer Installed 
All Done!
If you notice, we did not install the sight gauge.  We bought the wrong one!  When we were at our local homebrew supply store, we picked up the 15 gallon sight gauge because we have a 15 gallon kettle.  Lo and behold, we get back to find out that the sight gauge is 4 inches taller than our kettle!  We will be exchanging it for a smaller one and include it with the next post. SO STAY TUNED! For we will be adding a thermometer to our mash tun and a sight gauge to the boil kettle.


Fluke Brew Crew