Sunday, June 30, 2013

Hop Yard 2013 - Summer is here!

Summer has finally kicked it into gear, and so have the hops! Loads of rain and sun combined with more robust roots in these second year plants has translated to some serious growth in the past month and a half.

To date, all of the vines have reached the top of the trellis, and many have gone well beyond. I've used some zip ties to help train the larger plants along the top trellis support to keep them from reaching out too far. The Centennials were the first to reach the top support back in May, but the Cascades have since taken over first place as I anticipated them doing. Both rows of hops are growing very well however, and I am very happy so far this season. I have the water schedule set the same as last year, (90 minutes of water every 6 hours) and it appears they like this schedule. I was able to turn the water off for a good week or when we received multiple inches of water from a week full of storms that moved through recently.
Massive Cascade Leaf

It will be interesting to see how the growth progresses throughout the summer now that most of the vines are forced to grow horizontally as opposed to vertically. The height constrains are due to the abilities we have to reach the top of the trellis. For the most part, we are limited to using step ladders and so there is only so high the trellis's can go.Regardless, this summer is shaping up to be very productive and it will be exciting to see the hop cones appear later in the season.
Cascades growing every which way

Check back for an update later this summer!