Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Busy Week and a Broken Flask

Hey everybody!

Sorry for the lack of activity lately.  This fall has been crazy busy and unfortunately brewing has been put on the back burner.  To get back into the mix we have a big week planned.  Wednesday we will be brewing up another batch of the DangerRoss Pale Ale.  Followed by a double brew day Saturday,  where we will be brewing up our famous Octane Wayne IIPA and a new Pumpkin ale recipe.  In conjunction to brewing, we will have some meat cooking on the smoker.

Last night we made a starter for our upcoming brew day on Wednesday.  Everything was going smoothly and we were only 10°F away from pitching our yeast, and THEN....

Just Chillin'

Broken Flask!!!

Luckily no brewer was hurt during the incident and the starter was saved.  We carefully transferred the starter to a growler, ensuring no glass ended up in our beer.  Look for more updates from our upcoming brew days!