Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dry Hopping Octane Wayne V1.1

Update:  It was been 7 days since we brewed version 1.1 of the Octane Wayne IIPA.  I took a gravity reading this morning and it was within 0.5ยบ Plato of it's final gravity.  After listening to an interview with Matt Brynildson, I learned that hops will help your yeast flocculate in high gravity beers.  In the interview he stated that at Firestone Walker Brewing Company they will dry hop up to three different times to get the aroma and hop flavor into their high alcohol beers.  The hop oils are dissolved by alcohol and it takes a more vigorous hopping schedule to get the aroma and flavor.

Overview of Dry Hops
To dry hop version 1.1, we used the left over hops from the first version.  After brewing the first version of Octane Wayne, there was 1.5 oz. left over in total.  There was a half ounce of Amarillo, Citra, and Simcoe.

Octane Wayne Hop Mix
To ensure that we just get the citrus, piney, and not the glassy, vegetal aromas and flavors, we will dry hop for only 3 days.  After the 3 days, we will cold crash to drop all suspend material out of solution.  We will then rack onto another round of dry hopping for 3 days in the secondary fermenter.  We will continue this process until we achieve the desired amount of hop aroma and flavor.

Hops in Fermenter

Once dry hopping is complete, this will be bottled into 22 oz. Bombers for your enjoyment.  Comment Now to reserve your bottle today!!!