Monday, April 23, 2012

Almost ready to move outside!

Getting used to the great outdoors.
With the weather finally starting to stay a bit warmer it is starting to get close to time to move the Cascades and Centennials outside to their real home in the ground. The plants are well on there way and some are already too tall for the 3 foot stakes I put in the pots to train them a bit. Overall I am very satisfied with the rhizomes I received from Northwest Hops. All the trellis supports have been constructed and we are basically just waiting on the weather to get them outside to really start growing. At this point we are shooting for somewhere around the first week of May, which is why I am getting them acclimated to the outdoors a bit prior to the transition.

Cascade going crazy!
Getting some quality time in the sun.
A few weeks back while trying to train the biggest Centennial I accidentally snapped the top of the plant off. Beginners mistake trying to train while it's not sunny and warm out. I figured it would have to start from scratch again with a new shoot but about a week ago, three new shoots started growing out of the vine about half way up! It looks like we won't loose much growing time on it after all!
Centennial I snapped, but it has already recovered nicely.
Once everything is moved outside to its permanent place under the trellises I will post up part two of the build with more pictures of the setup. So far I am very pleased with how it all is going and am looking forward to a summer of hops!